September ㆍBroadcast <Ironkid>,<Magination> on Kid WB (US)
March ㆍChanges the company name to Daewon Media Co. Ltd.
August ㆍRelease of Stuidio Ghibli’s < Tales From Earthsea >
July ㆍRelease of <Pokemonranger & Prince of the sea, Manapi>
April ㆍKBS2TV broadcasts <Ironkid>
ㆍWins the top prize in Digital Contents Award for TV animation <Donggle Donggle Jjak Jjak>
February ㆍRelease of <Stormy Night>
August ㆍMOU with ‘Konami’ (Japan) for ‘Yu-gi-oh!’ online game
June ㆍInvestment agreement by ‘Manga Entertainment’ (US) on TV animation <Ironkid>
February ㆍAddition of Cable TV channel ‘Champ Vision Co. Ltd.’ as one of the subsidiary companies
January ㆍInvestment agreement with ‘BRB Internacional’ (Spain) on TV animation <Ironkid>
November ㆍAgreement with Studio Ghibli (Japan) on <Howl’s moving castle> for copyright, etc.
May ㆍCo-production agreement with MVP Investment Corp. on animation <Ironkid>
June ㆍExport agreement with ‘Bandai’ (Japan) on trading card games
January ㆍAddition of a game software company ‘Game Champ Co. Ltd’ as one of the subsidiary companies
November ㆍA subsidiary company Daewon Digital Broadcasting Co. Ltd., attracted 230 million won investment from CJ Media
September ㆍJoint-venture agreement with ‘Toei Animation’ (Japan) on mobile contents
August ㆍCo-production agreement with ‘Design Storm’ (Korea) on TV animation series <Ironkid>
ㆍLicense agreement with ‘Nintendo’ (Japan) on Game Cube
July ㆍCooperation with SK, Nate.com on On-line / Off-line Games
May ㆍ‘Korean Culture & Contents Agency’ elects < Shin Am-Haeng-Uh-Sa > as the top pilot project and supports with production investment
ㆍAgreement with ‘NC Soft’ (Korea) on <Lineage 2> game character merchandizing
February ㆍAgreement with ‘Toei animation’ (Japan) on Korea broadcasting right of <Onepiece>
January ㆍAgreement with ‘TV Tokyo’ (Asatsu) on <Yu-gi-oh!>
May ㆍAgreement with ‘JR East Japan’ on license and merchandising in Korea for <ZOIDS>
February ㆍCo-production agreement on Korean 3D animation < My friend! Cubix >
October ㆍEstablishment of Daewon Digital Broadcasting, AniOne TV
July ㆍRegistered in KOSDAQ stock market
March ㆍStarted global character license business of domestic 3D original animation < My friend! Cubix > co-produced with ‘4kids Entertainment (US), ‘JR’ (Japan), ‘Cinepix’ (Korea)
March ㆍ Changed the name to Daiwon C&A Holdings Co. Ltd.
August ㆍOEM export agreement with ‘Ashi Production’
ㆍProduction of TV series < Vectormen, Warrior of the Earth II>, and movie < Vectormen, Warrior of the Earth >
July ㆍLaunched <Pokemon> licensing
November ㆍProduction of the first TV SFX animation in Korea < Vectormen, Warrior of the Earth I>
ㆍOEM export agreement with Saban International
November ㆍProduction of TV series < Hamos, The Green Chariot >
June ㆍOEM agreement with Film Roman INC
October ㆍAwarded Gold Prize in Korean Film & Animation Awards with <Red hawk>
ㆍProduction of TV series < Doochy and Pookoo >
June ㆍProduction of TV series < Cory, The son of a sorcerer >
February ㆍAwarde Bronze Prize in New York Film Festival with < The earth is a green planet >.
November ㆍAwarded Presidential Commendation of Export Tower on Trade day.
March ㆍ‘Hyun-Dong AHN’ took office as COO
December ㆍRegistered in movie production, and foreign film import business
May ㆍProduction of TV series ‘Youngsimi
October ㆍProduction of Live-action films with animation < Young-Gu and Tang-chil-ee >
ㆍEstablishment of Character Business Division
September ㆍProduction of TV series < Mischievous Hanny >
August ㆍProduction of TV series <Run! Hanny>
December ㆍProduction of 14 TV animation series, starting from the very first original TV animation in Korea with <Wandering Gatchi>(KBS)
May ㆍProduction of TV series <Run, Hoddori> for MBC to promote the 1988 Olympics
April ㆍJoined Korean traders Association (No.873172)
November ㆍAwarded Presidential Commendation of Export Tower on Trade day.
ㆍOEM agreement with <Ruby Spare>, <Dick Enterprise>, <Hanna Barbara> (US)
ㆍOEM production of <Rambo>, <Ghost Busters>, <Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles>
November ㆍOEM agreement with ‘Marble Productions’ (US)
July ㆍProduction of 10 theater animations, including <Tak> series
December ㆍEstablished ‘Daiwon Animation Co. Ltd.’ as a corporation with its president and CEO Wook JUNG
ㆍOEM export agreement and technical tie-up with ‘Toei Animation’ (Japan)
ㆍOEM export of around 80 animations per year including <Galaxy Express 999>,<Candy Candy>
ㆍChanged the name into ‘Daiwon Productions’
ㆍFounded ‘One Production’